The Big Launch!

The Big Launch!

So here we have a new site to cover all the art that is associated and owned by Fusion Retro Books.

The art of Oliver Frey - covers of CRASH, ZZAP! 64, Amtix and more that many of us have grown up with.

The art of Trevor Story - covers of our FUSION and ZZAP! AMIGA magazine, and many bespoke posters.

Art from other friends of Fusion Retro Books, including Wil Porter and John Smyth (Mastertronic).

The goal is put 10 new pieces of art up weekly onto the site until all the back catalogue is present - there are many gaps in the Frey catalogue digitally so we will be re-creating these and putting them onto the site.

We will also be shorly adding mugs and mouse mats to the site.

If you have any further ideas of what the art could go onto then please do get in touch :

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