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ZZAP! 64

Oliver Frey Collection of ZZAP! 64 covers. 


Oliver Frey Collection of CRASH covers. 

Who is Oliver Frey?

Since 1969 Oliver has produced hundreds of illustrations for comics, magazines and books. They have ranged from war action, adventure, science-fiction, fantasy, history, romance and erotica.

Over the years he has caught the imagination of a global army of fans with his exciting, dynamic and dramatic interpretations of all the subjects his art has illustrated – famously, since 1984, for computer games magazines CRASH, ZZAP!64 and AMTIX and later for influential FEAR, which inspired both readers and creators of horror, fantasy and science-fiction

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Who is Trevor Storey?

Trevor is a prolific artist in the retro scene, and has created over 40 covers for FUSION magazine. He now also produces the covers for ZZAP! AMIGA, and is often called upon to create bespoke posters for projects run by Fusion Retro Books.